Castle Rock Senior Session

Highlands Heritage Park Senior Portraits

Although she hails from Castle Rock, Colorado, Brianna and I met up at the Highlands Heritage Regional Park in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. It was my first time visiting the park - I had researched it online by reading not only visitor reviews, but by also viewing numerous visitor photos and Google Earth images. [When I'm not eating and breathing photography I'm exercising my research skills!] Highlands Heritage Park turned out to be the perfect place for a golden hour senior portrait session! 

Brianna and I hit it off immediately - She's got a quirky sense of humor that I love to find in my subjects! And it turns out she plays World of Warcraft too! WoW is one of my guilty pleasures and meeting other players is always a trip because you never know who might be a fellow gamer. I've met teachers, lawyers, oil drillers, and more of all ages who play. Anyway, Brianna is an avid Horde fan in contrast to my Alliance and so we had much to discuss! She's a super cool young woman and we had a blast getting these photos... Enjoy!

Highlands Ranch senior portrait
Heritage Park senior pictures