Out and About... 

Hello and welcome! I’m Sarah -- a portrait photographer in Evergreen, Colorado, and the face behind Blueghost Studio. 

Since 2008, I’ve been photographing some of the most amazing and and lovely people in Colorado and beyond. From actors and models, politicians and business folk, to the everyday Coloradoan--kids, families, and high school seniors alike, I consider myself lucky to not only capture moments, but also to make that meaningful connection with each of my clients.

Simply put, I love what I do. What started as a love affair of studio lighting and classic concepts led me to chase after the fine art of ambient “natural lighting.” I love the way a beam of light can be bent and shaped, diffused or reflected, and altogether sculpted to the human form in order to create a mood and tell a subtle story.
My photographic style tends to be modern, warm, and full of tone and clarity. 

My sessions are always catered to the subject I’m working with. I provide you with a custom experience that not only reflects who you are, but also leaves you in awe of the final result. That’s my definition of success, and nothing makes me happier.

If you’re ready to plan your session, have some questions, (or want to know my opinions on 60’s pop music, lol), drop me a line. I’m available online, by phone, or preferably in person over coffee or tea--my treat! I might even throw in a donut if we’re on the same page about that sort of thing... 

I look forward to knowing you. 
Let's make some art!

-Sarah Cutright DeBauche